Project counselling, financial analysis

Making a business plan | Assessing an investment | Cost benefit analysis


One of the first things to do when starting a company is to make a business plan. This forces you to thoroughly think through and analyse all planned actions and to avoid mistakes when planning the financials.

When you are looking for investors for a new business, looking to get backing for a project or a loan from the bank – you need to have a business plan. Your business plan must give a comprehensive overview of the workings of the created company and allow for assessment of future potential. Read more ->

Assessing an investment means that the opportunity is analysed from all angles and the results decide whether money is invested into the project or not. These analyses focus on pure value, profit index, internal cost effectiveness and time taken for the investment to pay off.

If you have an idea, then feel free to contact us. Together we can see whether the idea has potential, what the possible risks are and what is the best course of action for future success.